Marie, a 95 year old woman with COPD, was in a rehabilitation ccenter and informed her four daughters she wanted to return hoe to live. Concerned about her health and safety, they hired ECN and our RN Geriatric Care Manager now manages all aspects of their mother's care. Our home care agency also provides Homemaker Companions two hours every morning and evening to insure Marie is taking her medications. In addition, the companions spend time with Marie, perform light housekeeping and cook a nutritious meal. One of Marie's daughters commented: "ECN's Geriatric Care Manager has been managing all phases of my mother's illness from hospital rehabilitation to now overseeing the home care stage. She oversees a difficult situation with great compassion and knowledge. She and he staff are excellent and they work well with our large family and are indeed an answer to our prayers."

Herman was extremely unhappy with his mother;s living situation. Within one month ECN was able to arrange for his mother to move to a skilled nursing facility with which the family is extremely happy. Here is what Herman says about the ankle: "We were extremely pleased with the process and the results ECN achieved in finding the best place for my mother."

Nicole's mother Betty is 75 years old and has advanced Alzheimer's disease. Nicole did not want to place her mother in a nursing home so she hired ECN to provide a live_in Home Health Aide who is with Betty 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Nicole states: "I don't know where ECN finds their staff but Margaret is wonderful. She treats my mom with such compassion and kindness. She has become like family to us."

Tom was a 52 year old man with a wonderful wife and four children. Diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer, Tom was placed on hospice. His wife Colleen hired ECN to provide round the clock care for him in the last several weeks of his life. Colleen says, "I had no Idea when I hired ECN that they would be angels descending upon my husband and whole family. They anticipated all of our needs  in a quiet, loving, gentle manner. I cannot express how grateful I am to them for helping us though these final weeks."

Bob, a 77 year old retired aeronautical engineer, has lost 35 pounds and had fallen several times. His wife made several attempts to have him admitted to the hospital but they were always sent home from the ER. Seeing she was exhausted and not sure what to do next, her financial planner referred her to ECN. Within 24 hours ECN had Bob admitted to the hospital where he spent four days, arranged to have him trasferred to a rehabilitation center for two weeks and finally drove him to Florida where we placed him in an Assisted LIving Facility. His wife, Gina stated, "I can't believe that we made it to Florida. We were in a living hell and then ECN made everything happen that needed to happen. (The RN Care Manager) evaluated Assisted Living Facilities in Florida, interviewed them, had someone visit them, and then drove to Florida with us to make sure Bob was admitted with no issues. The support they gave me cannot be measures. I didn't know people like them existed."